DTC can provide active penetration testing (pen testing) for your organization and help develop a strategic plan to safeguard your valuable company information.

DTC’s certified pen testers will check for exploitable vulnerabilities to help safeguard your data:

Information Gathering

Our industry certified pen testers will exercise the same information gathering techniques used during a vulnerability assessment but will also employ common threat tactics such as social engineering, deception, technical circumvention, and custom exploits to get into your system.

Threat Modeling and Vulnerability Analysis

The pen testing team will stimulate your organizations security posture with events that mimic the myriad of threats in today’s environment. When used as a training aid, the pen test provides valuable experience for your IT staff, exposing them to cyber threats and allowing them to quickly recognize and react to real world events when they occur in the future.

Reporting and Recommendations

Through in-depth discussions with our technical experts, we will help you define and document the test scope. The pen testing team will then tailor the test events to focus and optimize the net result to suit your organizations goals.

How can penetration testing help my business become more secure?

Penetration Testing Industry Certified Pen Testers

Penetration testing is an industry recognized approach to identifying and quantifying risk that is associated with another party’s attempt to “exploit” a company’s vulnerabilities and exposures.

These “vulnerabilities” can be targets of rival companies, organizations or governments who wish to do harm with the information they gather from your company. In today’s electronic age, assessing the likelihood of a breech in a company, and identifying safeguards to prevent such attacks is essential to business success.

Once the vulnerability is identified, it can be rectified and monitored through various processes, keeping your company’s information safe, protecting you from potentially damaging information losses that could cost millions of dollars in damages if that information falls into the wrong hands.

Benefits of penetration testing:

Safeguarding your data from items such as financial fraud or lost revenue due to unreliable IT solutions, weak processes and procedures, or insecure system configurations
Providing compliance with applicable laws and industry regulations
Satisfying moral obligations to perform due-diligence to your client’s data and shareholder assets
Protecting your brand (avoiding business reputation and consumer confidence losses)
Optimizing your IT security and budgetary strategy by maximizing the investment in the right security solution

Our expertise enables our customers to continue their mission in seamless fashion, with the knowledge that we are certified experts in the field.