At DTC, we stay current on the latest cybersecurity technologies for protecting your information, maintaining lines of communication, and keeping you in touch with your customers.

We will recommend cybersecurity solutions based on the latest standards for:


One of our specialties:

Our expertise in the Department of Defense (DoD) 8500 series and NIST SP 800 series, NFO controls and the CMMC framework. This integrates the DoD with all government standards, also adopted by many commercial entities and DoD contractors.

DTC knows how to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information.

We bring a team of cybersecurity experts who can navigate the regulations while allowing your enterprise to operate optimally.

With our technical expertise in the latest technology and professional experience with classified systems, we understand what is required to keep your organization certified, secure, on-line, and operating.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Solutions
Threat Asset Vulnerability Cybersecurity Risk

Is my company at risk?

Yes. The fact is that every company has information to safeguard from its competitors or adversaries (known and unknown). If you are connected to the internet, move information manually, or electronically, you have inherent risk in your operations.

Whether it is personal (HIPPA) or proprietary information, DTC can help mitigate that risk by conducting a full personalized assessment and evaluation for you.

Cybersecurity Assessment and Accreditation

As an authorized C3PAO, DTC can assess client IT enclaves for compliance with NIST 800 and CMMC frameworks, and then provide an independent certification and authorization for their use on proposing to DoD contracts that require it.

Alternatively, DTC can consult with clients and develop all of the required assessment and accreditation documentation, advise on and/or implement appropriate security controls, and conduct a formal risk assessment based on the systems risk exposure and security posture. We will then incorporate all required evidentiary articles for formal submission of the system assessment and accreditation package.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Solutions

DTC is committed to the integrity of its professional relationships of its clients and its customer’s needs, therefore, strict confidentiality is adhered to throughout the entire process.

Our expertise enables our customers to continue their mission in seamless fashion, with the knowledge that we are certified experts in the field.